Initiating a Medical Negligence Claim

 Tom Collins, David Collins and Mark Collins advise clients on all aspects of medical negligence claims.

When someone suffers an injury arising from a medical procedure, or misdiagnosis, in most cases they do not know what their options are. It is important that while injuries can occur, not all injuries arise from negligence on behalf of medical practitioners. That is why it is important to seek expert advice as early as possible.


At the outset, we will request your relevant medical records and complete a review of those records. As we are not qualified medics, if any claim is to be made, we must obtain a medical report from an expert within the relevant field which is required for all professional negligence claims. Depending on the type of claim, we may have to seek a medical report from an expert in the UK in order to ensure their independence.


Following receipt of the medical report, we will arrange a consultation in our office to discuss the contents of the report in detail. If there is a failing identified by the expert which led to the injuries suffered, we will then bring in counsel to draft proceedings.


In Ireland, the Statute of Limitations provides that proceedings must be issued within two years from the date of the negligent act. It is vitally important that you seek legal advice as soon as possible after the injuries are suffered.


We have a vast range of experience in acting for clients who have suffered injuries arising from medical negligence. Our expert medical negligence solicitors provide clients with immediate and succinct legal advice. To speak with a medical negligence solicitor, please call us on 01 4900 121 or email us at to arrange a consultation.

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