We recognise that most medical practitioners ensure that they provide the highest standards of
care. However, when that standard of care expected falls below that of a competent medical
practitioner, which results in injury to the patient, it may be possible to pursue a claim. It is
important that you initiate your claim as soon as possible. Generally, your claim must be made
within two years from the date that you become aware of your injury which could be
immediately after the treatment or at a later point in time.


Medical negligence (or clinical negligence) refers to a situation where a patient sustains a personal injury due to an error made by a medical practitioner. Such errors can have a devastating impact on a patient’s personal life, work-life and also the lives of their family. We strive to ensure that patients who have received sub-standard care are compensated for the injuries they have suffered and the expenses into their future are covered.

At the outset, we will request your relevant medical records and obtain a medical report from an
expert within the relevant field which is required for all professional negligence claims.
We have a vast range of experience in acting for clients who have suffered injuries arising from
medical negligence. Our expert medical negligence solicitors provide clients with immediate and
succinct legal advice. To speak with a medical negligence solicitor, please call us on 01 4900 121
or email us at info@tomcollins.ie to arrange a consultation.

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