Unfortunately, fatal accidents can arise as a result of the wrongful act of another. We do not
believe that such an event could ever be fully compensated for, however, the dependants of the
deceased may need financial security arising from death. The particular financial losses areas

  • Loss of services of the deceased;
  • Loss of financial dependency; and
  • Compensation for the loss and suffering.

The typical circumstances that we experiences are accidents at work, medical negligence, road
traffic accidents and criminal acts leading to fatal injury. These scenarios are not an exhaustive
list and we will discuss the particular circumstances with you.

Only one party (usually the legal personal representative) brings a case on behalf of all of the
deceased’s dependants. A dependant would be a spouse, ex-spouse, child, parent, sibling, uncle,
aunt, niece, nephew or cousin of the deceased. If you are unsure of your status as a dependant,
please contact us and we will discuss matters with you.

If one of your family members has suffered a fatal injury due to what you believe to be sub-
standard care, we are on hand to have a confidential discussion with you on 01 4900121 or
alternatively, email us at info@tomcollins.ie and we will give you a call.