We would encourage everyone to consider making a will, irrespective of how extensive their assets are. A will is essential to ensure that your assets go to the people you want and are not distributed in accordance with the state mandated rules of intestacy. Making a will also ensures that you can choose the executor of your choice to manage your affairs. That executor does not need to be a professional person but we recommend that you choose someone you trust to look after your affairs to ensure that you wishes are followed.? We can also advise on how best to dispose of your assets in order to minimise the tax costs for beneficiaries and the costs of the court process involved in taking out probate.

Our services include:

– drafting wills and advising on estate planning so as to minimise tax liabilities

– taking out probate and administrating estates

– advising on contested wills and inheritance disputes

– advising on s.117 claims by children who have been inadequately provided for by their parents

– Advising on Intestate Applications

Wills & Probate FAQ

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